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Kids are a wild card at weddings.

Traditionally a wedding party consists of Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, the Bride and Groom, along with a ring bearer and a flower girl. Most commonly family members of the couple the ring bearer and flower girl are children who carry the rings and throw flowers. Not that hard of jobs so the cute factor plays more into the application process than actual job proficiency. Having kids in roles where they are being put on display in front of a room full of adults can go one of two ways; 1. Picture perfect cuteness or 2. Epic Meltdown. Usually its the latter but I digress.

There are the rare children who take their job very seriously, are very personable and eventually steal the show. Much like this young ring bearer from a Sacramento Wedding I photographed. While posing with the groomsmen I couldn't help but notice this little man KILLING IT with the poses. I had to focus on just him and his perfect "attitude." To this day this image is still one of my favorites from this particular wedding.

Location: 2019 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818.