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Sedona Arizona Wedding Photography

Since the very first time I woke up in Sedona, Arizona I fell in love with the landscape. Sedona itself is an amazing place but when I get to use the red rocks as a backdrop for some wedding photography I’m like a kid in a candy store. Margot and Aaron wanted to do a destination wedding and make their day special for all their guests. I would have gone pretty much anywhere they were thinking about going but I am very happy that Sedona was their final choice.

I have known Margot since we were in high school and we even went to her prom together. Being able to do this wedding and know some of the back story of Margot’s life and family really helped me to capture the moments that really matter to her, her family as well as Aaron. Intimate weddings are so much fun for me to photograph. Even when I dont know the family as well as I did at this wedding I really feel like I am shooting “from the inside”, giving a first person account of the day. Margot and Aaron had a lot of moments to their day from the laughs and goofing around during the getting ready time, to the first look Margot had with her Dad and then Aaron, the heartfelt vows, then the funny stories during the toasts all topped off with the singing of “Waltzing Matilda” led by the family who came to the wedding from Australia. There was nothing cookie cutter about this wedding and I loved every minute of it.

Location: 301 Little Ln, Sedona, AZ 86336.