Sacramento Hyatt Wedding Urban wedding photographs

Using the unexpected to create unique images.

When I was younger I was inspired by the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright after going to a exhibit showing off his designs. I started seeing patterns and textures in different ways than they were intended. When my dreams of becoming an architect were shattered by an all to honest school administrator I believed my enjoyment of building design might fade away. It wasn't until I got very serious about photography that my interest in architecture resurfaced. Lines, Shadows, materials, all became "props" in photographs. Seeing the confused look on my clients faces when I asked them to stand in a smelly alley or in the case of this photograph a parking garage door quickly became a hobby. My mad scientist brain would see the beauty in the mundane much like another artist I draw inspiration from, Andy Warhol. When I show the image I just created to my clients on the back of my camera and they had that light bulb moment is when the fun really starts.

Location: 1209 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814.