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Hasselblad Wedding Photography

Ok, this isn't an actual film photograph but I did "use" a medium format Hasselblad camera to get the shot. Right before this wedding I acquired a Hasselblad 500c/m camera system in a trade with my father. This camera system was at one time THE best camera you could buy. Hasselblad's were even the cameras used by NASA during the moon landing. Built like tanks with superb image quality were reasons professional's used these bodies pretty much up until the digital revolution. I myself even shot a few weddings with these beasts. Yes beasts. They are BIG cameras which produce big negatives. Four times bigger than a "full frame" 35mm camera. The size of the film needed for these exposures has made medium format film photography impractical for modern weddings. Film costs alone would more than double the overhead for photographers (at least me). The look though...If you have ever looked through the waist level viewfinder of a Hasselblad you know the look. Unlike pretty much any other camera the view is just magical. I set my 500 up on a tripod, composed and focused the shot but took the exposure with my DSLR. Some may say thats cheating, and I agree, but I like the uniqueness to this shot.

Location: 1095 Hiddenbrooke Pkwy, Vallejo, CA 94591.