Donner Lake Overlook Wedding Photography

Sugar bowl resort is the perfect venue for couples who love the outdoors.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me as a photographer that I LOVE photographing weddings at Sugar Bowl. I know what you’re thinking. A wedding at a Ski Resort? Well let me tell you, Sugar Bowl does weddings right. I would estimate that 90% of the couples I photograph at Sugar Bowl choose the resort as their venue because its a ski resort. While they don’t do weddings during the winter (which I’m sure a lot of couples would book if they did), couples that get married here usually ski here too. Danielle and TJ are no exception to this. While they weren’t skiing I did see on their facebook that they visited the resort recently to be in the snow.

Adventure weddings are very popular.

While Sugar Bowl weddings might be more tame than say the ones happening on Mt. Everest, adding a sense of adventure makes a wedding more personal. Being adventurous is part of who people are, it’s a huge part of peoples lives. Danielle and TJ wanted that aspect of their life in their wedding. They also wanted a very unique spot for their family to be able to visit and have a mini vacation. Trees, wood, fresh air, casual attire and atmosphere were all very present at the wedding. Guests and couples enjoy weddings in the mountain’s differently than other types of venues. Where else do you get to ride a ski lift to get to cocktail hour? Or hike out on the rocks to get pictures in front of a picturesque mountain lake? All these elements, coupled with AMAZING clients is why I LOVE Sugarbowl weddings. I never run out of places to shoot and my creativity is always on overdrive.