Bride with Puppy

Coloma Resort Wedding

In California there arent many places people WONT get married. For Carey's wedding she along with her fiance chose to get married at a campground in Coloma, CA. The site was right along the same river gold was discovered to start the famous California Gold Rush which created many of the small towns in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Coloma Resort is a pretty typical campground but at the end of a long string of RV's, cabins, tents and kids whizzing around on bikes there is a little spot designated for weddings. Covered with gorgeous trees, the ceremony site faces the american river providing a soft white noise that cancels out the boisterous activity back at the camp sites. Picnic tables and BBQ, Jeans and Boots, with pies for dessert. Causal weddings such as these are what makes wedding photography an ever evolving art.