Blackhawk Wedding Bridal Portrait

"You have nothing to worry about, I'm a professional."

"Ok Suzie, you're going to lay on the table while holding your flowers. I am going to stand on the table next to you and take the picture through the chandelier."

There are only so many pictures you can take in a country club board room before you run out of ideas. They really aren't that photogenic. Luckily for me (and the bride) the Boardroom at Blackhawk has AMAZING light and lots of room. A combination that I find is very rare for bridal rooms. Having worked with this bride before I felt that I could push the envelope a little more than with someone I had just met. This image has become kind of famous at the club and I have been asked to recreate it recently during the wedding of the wedding coordinator from Blackhawk. The vantage point of this image is very different than many getting ready pictures.

Location: 599 Blackhawk Club Dr, Danville, CA 94506.