amador cellars wedding pictures

This fall wedding at Amador Cellars produced amazing photos.

When the wedding day was approaching all eyes was on the weather. The bride and groom were committed to an outdoor wedding so the plan was for that to happen no matter what. At the time of the ceremony it looked like the rain would hold out for the quick wedding ceremony. Personally I love cloudy skies more specifically storm clouds. Whenever I get to break up blue skies with either white clouds or even “angry clouds” I enjoy using them as part of the photograph.

Rain is supposed to be good luck when present at a wedding. If that is the case, this bride and groom have enough good luck to last a lifetime. Amador Cellars was in the middle of a huge storm system that covered Northern California. Rain that even made another wedding I photographed that weekend change venues at the last minute due to flooding. A little rain (or a lot of rain) wasn’t going to deter this couple from having the wedding of their dreams. Umbrellas were provided for guests to use during the ceremony which luckily didn’t need to be used until after the ceremony was over. The rain gave us just long enough of a break to do all the outdoor pictures and even gave us some AMAZING “angry clouds.” The pictures I was able to get are some of my favorites I have ever taken.

Location: 11093 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth, CA 95669.