Quarantine Cuisine - Shelter in Place 2020

In the past 6 weeks now all of the world has been stuck inside and for creatives as a whole we are all looking for outlets to keep our creativity flowing at home. Most photographers are experiencing a complete shut down of our business since we can't go anywhere or be around other people. For me, to keep my sanity I started an album on my Facebook titled "Quarantine Cuisine."

This album was a way to keep me engaged in photography by simply trying to take interesting photos of the food I am eating. Lately I have been cooking meals just to be part of this project. I have always had a desire to do more food photography although it always got pushed to the back burner (pun intended) due to weddings and portrait work that was my main genres.

I have always been a foodie and love to eat with my eyes. Just as I do with portraits and my other work with people I look for textures and patterns to show off the personality of my subject.