bugatti la voiture noire

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Said to be the most expensive new car ever sold, The Bugatti "La voiture noire" is a modern interpretation of the lost Type 57SC owned and designed by Bugatti's son Jean Bugatti. One of 4 Type 57SC's to be made, the most famous chassis was being transported to a safe location during World War 2 so to not be stolen by the Nazi's. The car was never seen again and its fate is unknown. I believe that somewhere in Europe the car sits in a secret bunker along with other artwork and gold looted by the Nazi's just waiting to become the most epic "Barn Find" EVER. While the world waits for that to happen Bugatti decided to reinvent that car of legend and create a homage to it for the company's 100th anniversary in 2019.

La Voiture Noire or "The Black Car" is a one-off model and is rumored to have been sold for over $18 million before it was even done. The owner of the car is still a mystery but there are many theories of who owns this AMAZING vehicle. For a short time it was belived that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was the buyer of the car however the more likely owner and my guess as to who paid the record price is the former head of Volkswagen (the parent company of Bugatti), Ferdinand Piech.