Monterey Car Week

Every year in August the motoring world descends on the gorgeous Monterey Bay in what can only be described as Car Nirvana. No matter what kind of cars you may enjoy or collect, there is an event or many events for you during this week. Vintage racing at Laguna Seca (I know it's called something else now but I don't remember what it is), Car Auctions, Rally's, Club Meet Up's and of course the pinnacle of "car porn," The Pebble Beach Concours.

Over the past few years my oldest son has taken a liking to cars. It has become an obcession. We started with going to local "Cars and Coffee" meet ups and some other car shows still I felt that if he is going to be a car guy we needed to go to the epicenter. I had always wanted to go to Monterey and Car Week but being a wedding photographer, summer weekends are rare. Now that I could make the trip into a bonding experience for my son and I it became a priority to block those days off and enjoy some beach air mixed with the sweet smell of exhaust.

2018 was our first official trip to car week. I had been in the area back in 2012 for a wedding during the same time but was obviously focused on other subjects than the gorgeous cars surrounding me. Our first Car Week experience was a bit overwhelming. I knew this was a big deal though I really didn't grasp the enormity of this gathering. Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and McLaren's were as common as Honda's or Toyota's. There was a BMW or Porsche about every 25 feet and cars I have only seen on Top Gear or in the Dupont Registry were parked along the streets as if it was any other day.

My son and I were in car heaven. Car Week 2018 wasn't even done and the plans for 2019 were in the works. For this last year's car festivities I wanted to see more and do more so we planed an extra day to soak in the petrol goodness. I had also recently bought a new camera which was lighter and smaller so I wasn't using my phone as much. As a photographer I wanted the BEST images of these cars as I could. My new EOS R and a 28-70mm F2 lens on loan from Canon really got my photographic juices flowing and I decided that I wanted to make more content during this weekend. Using the new camera was so much easier than lugging my old DSLR around and the images I got with the body/lens combo are amazing.

Whats next for 2020 and beyond? Well hopefully (although unlikely) we will be able to drive our project car to Monterey for this years Car Week events. It won't be as flashy as a lot of the other cars but its our and I am very much looking forward to building it. My goal is to drive our 85 Chevy C10 pickup to every car week from now on and get a photo of it (and my son) in the same place every year to show off the progress we have made (and how much my son has grown).

Chevy C10 project truck

mclaren f1 lm
Shelby GT 500 Front grill
Lamborghini Huracan
v12 engine
Ferrari V12
koenigsegg jesko
McLaren F1
James Bond Aston Martin DB5
Black Dodge Viper GTS
White Lamborghini Countach
pagani huayra on broadway
bugatti la voiture noire
Ferrari F12 Super Fast
Lamborghini Aventador S
Bugatti Chiron in Carmel
Lamborghini Diablo
christian von koenigsegg
Red Ferrari Testarosa
Bugatti Type 57SC Atlante
Row of Ferrari Dinos
Lamborghini 350 GT
Nissan GTR R35
yellow pagani huayra
Pagani Zonda