In the past year I have had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Suisun City Fire Department as a volunteer photographer. Assuming the role of "Photo47" (a call sign NEVER used during actual calls) started out by covering the annual fire department holiday party. A simple red carpet step and repeat job to give the firefighters and staff a nice portrait in their dress uniforms for the holidays. Lucky for me the newly hired fire chief was making some changes in the department and he wanted new portraits of all the staff taken. I was happy to come in and do these photos for the men and women who work tirelessly for the city my family lives in.

I got a call from the Chief shortly after the portraits were finished and he wanted some abstract images of the apparatus and other equipment.These more artistic images were going to be used as decor for the newly remodeled fire station walls. Seeing these pictures printed and hanging on the walls was a very cool feeling for me and I really felt part of the department at that point.

The real birth of "Photo47" came when I was given a radio, official department attire and permission to photograph incidents the department would respond to. This all access pass allows me to show how hard these men and women work for their community. Not only I have gained even more respect for the fire community as a whole but this role has made me want to show the community a first person view of what our fire department takes on each and every day. I never expected "Photo47" to evolve into the story telling project it has become but I have to say I am VERY thankful for this opportunity and support of all the Suisun City Fire Department staff.

Here are some of my favorite images from the past year. While I take all the images in color for press releases and internal uses, I really enjoy the black and white conversions I create of the events I cover. I have decided that the image for my personal collection will all be black and white.

Ladder Truck Structure Fire
Type 1 fire engine
Fire Department Photography
Suisun City 911 Ceremony
Fire Hoses in Black and White
Firefighting equipment
Fire Department Car Fire
Suisun City Firefighter in the rain
Structure fire
california wildfire
Vehicle fire