Napa Valley Proposals

Napa Valley is an insanely popular place for popping the big question. People from all over the country have made Napa Valley Proposal Photography one of my main menu offerings the recent years. I absolutely love these types of sessions. I arrive before my client to set up and find my hiding space where I will watch the proposal from a distance, capturing the moment with a long lens. After the resounding "YES!" and allowing things to settle in and become real, I take the newly engaged couple out for a quick mini engagement session. Photos are delivered with 24 hours so sharing the news doesn't have to wait.

Napa Valley Proposal Photographer

Proposal Pricing

$500 includes up to 90 minutes of photography for your proposal.
I arrive approximately 1 hour before you to get set up and scope out the location.
This time is not part of the 90 minutes and is no additional cost.

Please contact me if your plans are a little more "extra" than most and more time, multiple locations or additional coverage is required.

Half Moon Bay Photographer

Proposal Session Tips:

1. Wineries - When reaching out to wineries about proposing on their property ask if they offer a proposal package or include any special extras if you are planning to propose during your private tasting. Some wineries will pull out all the stops for you and this big moment while others will only facilitate the use of their property, nothing more. Its nice to know what you are looking at when shopping.

2. Extras - If the location you are going to use doesn't offer it already you may want to find a local florist to deliver an arrangement or bouquet to help make your experience a little more personal. In the Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley I recommend EV Floral Design in Calistoga.

3. Eat - Make sure you and your soon to be fiance have at least some light snacks or a light meal before you arrive at the winery. You will be given lots of wine during your time on property, if you are proposing AFTER your tasting its good to have some food in your stomach so you aren't too tipsy.

4. Clothes - This is going to be heavily photographed and the last thing you want and the first thing your fiance will notice in those photos is mismatched clothing. It may not be possible to pick what your significant other is wearing but you can make sure your outfit compliments theirs.

5. Don't Rush - As soon as you get to your spot you are going to want to drop down on one knee. Depending on the location and how I am hidden it may take a moment or two for me to get into position. Enjoy the moment and take a deep breath. That should give me plenty of time to get the shot!