Groomsmen with fun socks

Grooms and their socks.

Fun socks are just that...FUN! I have lots of colorful socks that I often wear to weddings. I can usually pair my sock choice with something I have in common with the couple. I have sushi socks, LOTS of Disney socks, Star Wars, Pizza, Music, SPAM, tacos, Hawaiian, etc etc. Groomsmen have been starting to wear fun socks too. It can be hard for grooms to show off their personalities or to customize their look. Usually in a rental suit and rented shoes, there isn't much opportunity for color or fun. The one accessory that is easily seen is the boutonniere but that is usually picked by the bride.

Socks give a subtle way for the groom and his guys to have a little fun and sneak in some or their personality. I personally like when they all have different socks. It gives a great asymmetry to the sock photos!

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