Blackhawk Country Club Wedding Photography

The moments the couple rarely sees.

When I am photographing a wedding ceremony there is a lot of down time. Unless its a 4 minute ceremony most of the time during the nuptials is pretty redundant. These times is where I rely on my second photographer to get the standard images while I have my back to the couple. Yes, I turn my back on the main reason I am there. The reason is there is more to this couples big day than just what is happening in front of everyone. The bride and groom have tunnel vision, they are looking at each other or the officiant. Rarely do they see what is happening in the congregation. The moments that they don't see can be some of the most important images from the day and all happen without the knowledge of the couple. This image of the brides father wiping back tears is a perfect example of fleeting moments that may only even happen once in a lifetime. Granted EVERYONE was crying during this wedding but that's beside the point. :)

Location: 599 Blackhawk Club Dr, Danville, CA 94506.