Sift Cupcakes Wedding Cake

"I photograph weddings for the cake"

I have said this many times over the years I have been a wedding photographer. I have a HUGE sweet tooth with a special affinity for cupcakes. When my wife and I got married (in 2004) the cupcake trend hadn't started yet, I like to think we were the ones who kicked off the wildly popular choice for an alternative wedding cake. Our decision was purely financial. Our reception venue had a "cake cutting fee" of $2.50 a person! That meant after spending a few hundred dollars on a cake we were going to have to shell out another $250+ to have it served to our guests. Being young and BROKE we brainstormed and came up with having cupcakes that could be self serve!

Fast forward about 5 years and I'm in a good stride as wedding photographer. More and More couples are choosing to have cupcakes instead of a traditional tiered cake and this is where I discovered SIFT CUPCAKES!! Located at various locations in the North Bay Area, Sift has taken my love of cupcakes to a whole other level. After tasting many of their delicious flavors and concoctions it's easy to see why they won an episode of "Cupcake Wars." Since that first bite of a dense, moist, Sift Cupcake I have been hooked and get VERY excited when I see them listed as the cake vendor for a wedding I am photographing.

Location: 11775 Sonoma Hwy, Glen Ellen, CA 95442.