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Mt. Disney at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

If you are wondering if its the same “Disney” as in Walt Disney, Disneyland, and Mickey Mouse you would be right. You see when Sugar Bowl was first opening the owner (who was good friends with Walt) asked his friend Mr. Disney if he would like to invest in his new ski resort up in the Sierras. Since Walt and his family loved to Ski and became the first investor in Sugar Bowl. Not only is the mountain and lift named for Disney the Sugar Bowl lodge has a cameo appearance in one of the best Disney cartoons ever. Remember the cartoon when Goofy learns to ski? Well, “The Art of Skiing” takes place at Sugar Bowl! If you pay attention to the outside of the lodge in the film it says “Sugar Bowl Lodge” on it and looks almost identical to the real thing. Pretty cool, especially for a Disney freak like myself!

Location: 629 Sugar Bowl Rd, Norden, CA 95724.