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Perspective is everything

Weather reporters get paid tons of money to be wrong more than half the time. Is this because they are no good at their job or is it simply there are just things you can not control?

Wedding photography can be a frustrating venture when you are expected to create creative imagery in less that ideal conditions. More often than not there is no reason to blame anyone for a scene or landscape that is given to you. That just what there is. Other times its our own expectations as a photographer we assume the rest of the world shares even though these dream criteria are locked in our minds. Seeing the right angle that flatters a brides body type is a photographers job. Knowing how to pose a groom to give him a little broader shoulders is what experience teaches. Turning a nice albeit mundane golf course into a unique wedding venue is TOUGH but sometimes you have to run to an elevator, HOPE its not the slowest one ever, go to the 8th floor of a hotel, lay down with your camera delicately balanced on a concrete ledge, compose a few frames, run back to the elevator, pray its still on the 8th floor, run back to the ceremony and PRAY you don't miss the kiss. Then after catching your breath, look at the back of the camera and was worth it.