Napa Valley Elopement

Napa Valley Elopements have become mainstream for couples traveling to get married.

Napa Valley has always been a destination for wine lovers from around the world. Over the many years people have been flocking to the wineries of Napa the valleys offerings have exploded. It’s not just about wine anymore. Napa Valley has become THE place to visit for great food, boutique shopping and to get married. While most of the wineries don’t offer wedding packages there are still a lot of venues to get married at. If you are planning an elopement or small wedding your options increase.

AirBnB and VRBO have helped people find that vacation rentals are great places to stay but also for perfect places to host smaller weddings. Many times all the guests are staying at the same house so hosting the wedding at one of these large rental properties is the perfect choice. I enjoy getting contacted for Napa Valley Elopement Photography. Being part of such an intimate occasion is a very high honor.

Photography for Napa Elopements is a little different, and I really enjoy it.

I approach Elopement photography a slightly different that the typical wedding day. There are many similarities but there are vast differences as well. Most elopements I photograph don’t require many hours of coverage and are often for people who have traveled to Napa Valley for their big day. This allows me to give more input on how time would be best used for the event and I get to provide a “locals insight” for additional locations for photography. I photograph these weddings with a strong lifestyle / photo-journalistic approach. Everyone who is in attendance is important. Family members are usually the bulk of those in attendance. Meaning the guests at an elopement are there because they are very important to the couple.

Napa Valley Elopement Pictures