Welcome to the new site!

You found it!

Its been a REALLY long month but I am finally getting back to having a normal web presence. For those of you that don’t know what has been going on, let me fill you in.

At the beginning of December my old blogsite (www.cmc-photo.com) was hacked by some loser in China. Why? Who knows! I’m just a wedding photographer, there was nothing on that site of any value other than photos. That’s it! Lots and lots of photos. Well I thought we had got it all squared away and secured my site and got everything back up and running until I found LOTS of issues with the site. Basically the whole site was compromised to the point of I didn’t know what was ok and what was laced with malicious code. 5 years of posts were not useless.

So here we are, about 3 weeks later, LOTS of calls, emails and texts to my IT guy I have a 100% new site. Sadly there aren’t a lot of posts on here yet but I will be working very hard to get at least the past few years of weddings, portraits and information back up onto this site for everyone to see!

Enjoy watching this new site grow!